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9 August 1982
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This Livejournal is semi-friends only.

Please comment to be added. Go on, I won't bite. :)
Much. :P
About Me
Hi, my name's Ann, 25 years old and most people ask me what Luxferi means. It simply means Lucifer. And the significance? Nothing. :) When I first started out, I joined livejournal just to read Friends' posts. Resources and ideas for blogging are limited so when it came down to choosing where it would end up, Just Ann's got the bulk of the juice. From time to time though, I find myself craving more privacy, so I also post here too - mainly fandom-related stuffs and intimate RL blurb.

I love fashion, tech gadgets, photoshop, blogging, photography, dancing and tv shows. I cannot say no to chocolate ice cream, and I also love to read. I'm also married (but childless at the moment) to Jee - my goofy, nerdy, lovable husband. Sometimes it's like being married to a big kid. :)

My contact:
Email: elvawenn [at] gmail [dot] com
My Fandoms
Twilight (heart!) E/B shipper
Veronica Mars
CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami
American Idol
Harry Potter

Oldie, but goodie:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

... and out of these fandoms, I've come to love Veronica Mars' sense of style and wit, fallen in love with James Marsters, chase the mysteries of CSIs, laugh at Hiro's cuteness, cheer Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi on, and smirk at Mr. Trump's bad hair (for the life of me, I can't figure out what's the sex appeal of that thing...)
Friending Policy
Feel free to! By doing so, you'll be getting some yawn-worthy RL stuff mostly though I promise to try more interesting fandom-related art. I miss dabbling in Photoshop, so it'll be fun to come back and do it again.
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Love, Ann. :)